Newton and Bywell Community Hall


If you would like to make a booking or would like to view the Hall please contact the 


Bookings Manager Linda Osborn 


Tel 07846 699314


We can make the bookings for you, or bookings can also made direct online using the Hallmaster system.


Payment Terms


Payment is due within 7 days from receipt of the invoice. You can pay directly to our bank account with HSBC adding the invoice number as reference.

Sort Code      40-24-16

A/C No.          31533819


or by cheque payable to Newton and Bywell Community Trust

Please read and confirm our Terms and Conditions of Hire before making your booking, and please also read our Health and Safety Policy.

These can be found on the website under ‘Policies’.



Booking Procedure


Please be aware that for weddings and parties it is necessary to book the Entire Hall (Meeting Room and Main Hall)


If the Entire Hall is required for any event please check that both rooms are free, and ensure that all the room boxes are ticked on the Hallmaster booking request page.


To avoid disruption to other hirers please allow time within your booking to include any set up time before, and clear up time after the event.


Hallmaster Customer User Guide


The Hallmaster Online Booking System is currently being used by our Hall and this brief guide will show you how to make the most of it as a customer.


To make a booking request from the weekly calendar or scheduler, click on the + symbol on the date and room you wish to book. 

If you are making a booking request for the first time, you will be asked to enter your contact details and a password so that you can track your booking status, any changes that are made, plus view any invoices and payments linked to that booking.


(Note: If you don’t see the + symbol, then online booking has been disabled for this room or facility. Instead, contact the bookings manager directly.)


Once you have done this, you will need to complete the rest of the booking request form as follows:


Rooms: Tick the room(s) that you want to include for this booking. If booking the entire Hall, make sure all the boxes are ticked.

Name: This is the name of the event you are booking.

Start Date/Time: The start date and time of the event. If this is a recurring booking, this is the start date and time of the first

event in the series.

End Date/Time: The end date and time of the event. If this is a recurring booking, this is the end date and time of the first event in the series.

Terms & Conditions: Please read and tick this box. We have provided  Terms and Conditions documents that you will need to agree to before proceeding with your booking.

Save Booking: Once completed press Save, and the request will automatically be sent to the bookings manager for processing. You will also receive an email from Hallmaster confirming that the request has been sent – this is not confirmation of your booking. You will then be taken to your Hallmaster dashboard to view your bookings and invoices.


The bookings manager will review your request and confirm the booking or contact you to seek further information. Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email.