Noah's Ark Glasgow

The Ark will be home to many projects, charities, services, and events. Some of these will be initiatives of The Ark itself, some will be run from our premises by our partners.


Multi-Purpose Room

Max 10 to 15 people

AV equipment included

Half Day: 4 hours
Full Day: 8 hours

Hot Desk Space

You can rent your individual desk space

Full-Day: 8 hours


Studio for audio recording

Prep Room

Prep Room for audio recording

Hall Hire


A Refundable Deposit of £100 is payable at the time of booking. The deposit will be refunded after 7-working days upon satisfactory inspection of Hall after use. 

We have 8 round tables and 80 chairs available.

Terms & Conditions:
Hiring of Noah's Ark Glasgow Hall

For Community Groups only

For the purpose of these conditions, the term HIRER shall mean an Individual hirer, or where the hirer is an organisation, their authorised representative.

1. SUPERVISION The HIRER will, during the period of the hiring, be responsible for the supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents: their care, safety from damage however slight; or change of any sort and the behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever their capacity; including proper supervision of road side car parking to avoid obstruction of Coplaw Street; vehicles should only be parked in a manner that does not cause obstruction of the street.

2. USE OF PREMISES The HIRER should not use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the hiring request and shall not sub-hire or use the premises or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring on to premises anything which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies in respect thereof, the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited within the premises

3. PUBLIC SAFETY COMPLIANCE The HIRER shall comply with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the premises by the Fire Authority, Local Authority, Magistrates Court

4. HEALTH AND HYGIENE The HIRER shall, if preparing, serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislations and regulations. If caterers are used, the Booking Manager must be shown the relevant Food and Hygiene Certificate.

5. HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure they are aware of Health and Safety Legislation and Good Practice relating to the activities/events for which they are using the Hall. The Hirer is responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure their activities are carried out in a responsible way. A copy of the Healthy and Safety Policy for the Hall can be found in the entrance lobby. All heavy items, including tables & chairs, must be carried by two people. Chairs and tables must be lifted and NOT dragged across the floor

6. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE SAFETY The HIRER shall ensure that any electrical appliances brought by him to the premises and used there shall be safe and in good working order and used in a safe manner. The HIRER must ensure that when and where electric appliances and/or equipment brought by him/her for external use only the purpose-built sockets providing power are utilised.

7. INDEMNITY The HIRER shall indemnify the Management of the Ark for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property, including the curtilage thereof, or the contents of the buildings which may occur during the period of hiring as a result of the hiring. The HIRER shall be responsible for making arrangements to insure against any third party claims which may lie against him or her (or the organisation of acting as a representative) while using the Hall. (The Noah's Ark Glasgow Community Hall is insured against any claims arising out of its own negligence).

8. ACCIDENTS AND DANGEROUS OCCURANCES The HIRER must report all accidents involving injury to the public to a member of the Management Committee as soon as possible. Any failure of equipment, either that belonging to the Hall or that brought in by the HIRER, must also be reported as soon as possible. Certain types of accident or injury must be reported on a special form to the local authority. The Hall Secretary will give assistance in completing this form. This is in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. The following activities, events and functions are not covered by the Hall insurance and therefore MUST NOT be carried out at the Hall by the HIRER:  Sponsored walks, rides, marathons or similar events  Fireworks displays or bonfires  Bouncy castles and other inflatable devices. (The Hall is not insured for bouncy castles – if hiring for a party etc., please ensure that either you or the hiring company have suitable liability insurance to cover for use on Hall premises.) 

9. ANIMALS The HIRER shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs, are brought into the Hall. No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.

10. COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION RELATING TO CHILDREN OR VULNERABLE ADULTS The HIRER shall ensure that any activities, at the Premises, for children or vulnerable adults comply with current legislation in that regard and that only fit and proper persons have access to children or vulnerable adults. Child Protection/Safeguarding Policies are the responsibility of the Hirer, including access to the Disclosures and Barring Service (DBS).

11. FLY POSTING The HIRER shall not carry out, nor permit to be carried out, any form of fly posting or any other form of unauthorised advertisements for any event taking place at the Hall, and shall indemnify the management accordingly against all actions, claims and proceedings arising from any breach of this condition. Failure to observe this condition may lead to prosecution by the Local Authority.

12. SALES OF GOODS The HIRER shall, if selling goods on the premises, comply with the fair trading laws and any code of practise used in connection with such sales. In particular, the HIRER shall ensure that the total price of all goods and services are prominently displayed, as shall be the organiser’s name and address, and that discounts offered are based only on Manufacturers Recommended Retail Prices.

13. CANCELLATION If the HIRER wishes to cancel the booking before the date of the event, and the management is unable to conclude a replacement booking, the question of the payment or the replacement of the fee shall be at the discretion of the management.

14. UNFIT FOR USE In the event of the Hall or any part thereof being unfit for the use for which it has been hired, the management shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

15. REFUSAL OF BOOKING The MANAGEMENT reserves the right to refuse a booking without notice, or to cancel this hiring, at any time either before or during the term of the agreement upon giving seven days’ notice in writing to the hirer. The HIRER shall be entitled upon such notice to re-imbursement of such monies, including the deposit or a proportion of same, as have been paid by the hirer to the Management. The Management shall not be liable to make any further payment to the hirer.

16. END OF HIRE The HIRER shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked and secured, unless directed otherwise and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions properly replaced, otherwise the Management shall be at liberty to make an additional charge.

17. NOISE The HIRER shall ensure that a minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure.

18. SPECIAL CONDITIONS Care of the floor. The HIRER is responsible for ensuring the hall floor is not damaged by furniture or footwear. Tables and chairs must be lifted (by two people where stipulated - see item 7 above) and not dragged across the floor. No stiletto heels, studded sports shoes or other shoes likely to damage the floor are allowed to be worn in the hall. Any damage to the structure of the hall or its contents, including the floor, will be charged.

19. ON LEAVING THE BUILDING The Management would like to draw your attention to the following:  Before leaving the building TURN OFF all heating, lighting and all the kitchen electrical equipment:  If used, the urn and kettle must be emptied and dried inside  Toilet doors left properly closed.  Remove ALL equipment used in the Hall for your event – including waste and rubbish.  DO NOT leave unsold jumble sale items in the Hall.  Remove any equipment should such have been used.  Ensure the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition, especially the kitchen. We ask that the tables be wiped clean before being put away properly and safely in back room in the hall; the chairs be stacked away tidily and carefully at the right side wall in the hall; the floors be swept/vacuumed and mopped, if necessary, and the toilets be left in a reasonable condition. Brushes and mops are kept in the store room, on the left at the back of the hall, floor and surface cleaners etc in the kitchen. Thank you.  In the event of fire you should evacuate the Hall immediately in an orderly manner using the appropriate exits and call the fire brigade by dialling 999 either on a mobile phone. Upon entering the Hall, ensure you note the location of the fire extinguishers and ensure the fire exits are not obstructed in any way. The keys must be returned to the key safe and not taken away from the premises. In the event of an emergency, please contact: Zubair Malik, Manager: 07971 811717