Berrow Village Hall

Our Village Hall was substantially extended and modernised in 2011 and now provides a superb facility for the village and beyond.

We have one main hall which can when required be divided into two with two further rooms for medium sized or gatherings or small meetings.

In addition we have onsite parking, good kitchen facilities and can provide a bar if required.





This room will accommodate 110 people. 

SS. Nornen             width 6.75 meters, length 15.00 meters, height 4.00 meters



This room will accommodate up to 110 people. 

Lighthouse             width 6.00 meters, length 15.00 meters, height 2.60 meters


This room will accommodate 20 people. 

Willow                    width 4.00 meters, length 4.65 meters,   height 2.60 meters

The Knoll

This room will accommodate 50 people. 

The Knoll                width 4.70 meters, length 9.00 meters,   height 2.30 meters