Core Fitness
Main Hall
02/09/2019 12:30
02/09/2019 15:30
Pat Taylor
01872 300261

Unsteady on your feet?  May have fallen?  We can give you your confidence back.

Balance and stability are integral to quality of life and independence. We know the risks involved when someone falls, especially if they are frail or elderly.  We teach you simple balance techniques to build confidence with a gentle and progressive well-being program to take home with you.

You meet new friends and learn together the importance of confidence and having good bone health. You meet our lovely nurse and we talk to you about your medication reviews, other programs available to you and many other topical discussions.

MONDAY 13.00 PM in the Main Hall

Zumba Gold

Classes in the Main Hall on Monday at 2.15 pm
All ages and abilities welcome.

For more info contact Pat Taylor or Helen Tite on 07887 688789 or

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