Upper Rissington Village Hall
Main Hall
University of Sheffield
17/07/2018 17:30
17/07/2018 21:30
Abigail Legge

This Open Evening for the residents of Upper Rissington to learn about the research being undertaken in the local wastewater network and wastewater treatment plant by the University of Sheffield.

The aim of the research is evaluate the sewer network as an alternative route for the disposal of domestic food waste and to explore the possible benefits of this disposal route. Over 10% of all landfill in the UK comprises of food waste and in reducing the organic matter that goes into landfill, it is hoped that the negative environmental impacts, such as global warming due to the emission of methane gases, will be reduced.

It is hoped that we will be able to talk to residents about their use of and attitudes towards the under-sink food waste disposal units that were provided in some of the new-build properties. These units are the method used to introduce the food into the sewer network.