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19/09/2019 13:30
19/09/2019 15:00
Steve Hurd
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T’ai Chi (the supreme ultimate boxing system) is a 700 year old Chinese form of exercise; a martial art slowed down to stylised movements called the 'form.'  Learning this takes time. Each session consists of warm-ups, qigong (pron. 'chee gung'-movements with deep breathing), the form. T’ai Chi is a gentle form of exercise which is suitable for anyone of any age or level of fitness. It is not suitable for anyone wanting strenuous exercise or anyone who can only come occasionally - learning is cumulative.

What to wear: any non-constricting clothes. Feet are either in thin- soled, flexible shoes, in socks with a grip or bare. Training shoes should be avoided if at all possible. A U3A interest group.